Who are you?

At only seventeen-years-old, it’s hard to know exactly who you are and who you want to become.  Obviously, I’m still figuring that out, but here’s what I’ve got so far…

I am a freshman at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I love chocolate and I’m dangerously obsessed with cats.  I’m a little bit quirky, a little bit of a nerd, and a huge eighties fan.  I enjoy writing, but I plan on becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist.  Exercise is definitely not my forte, and I hate summer and being sweaty.  I like my room to be clutter-less and tastefully decorated, but I’m also a bit of an idealist (which means, that never happens).

What is AquaAffliction about?

On my blog, you can expect an honest and (hopefully) intriguing take on real life… College and beyond.  I’ll also be sharing any interesting tidbits of information that I learn as I fuel my addiction to the internet, including DIY projects and stuff they don’t teach you in school.  Finally, I’ll also be sharing my faith with you and the roller-coaster that is my relationship with God.

What’s with the name?

AquaAffliction represents the changes and seemingly contradictory situations we find ourselves in.  Aqua is one of my favorite colors… It’s happy and refreshing and it reminds me of the clear, blue ocean.  Affliction is a part of life that no one seems able to escape.  Sometimes, these two attitudes can be experienced at once.  We feel joy and – at the same time – sorrow.  This constant tension is what makes life so fascinating, and is what enables us to grow as human beings.

So, AquaAffliction… Joy and sorrow. Elation and pain.  Happiness and bitterness.


What do YOU think?

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